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Getting Started

Complete a Registration Form

Complete a registration form at www.loyaltyprint.com
or call - 1.877.577.4689
or send an e-mail to service@loyaltyprint.com.
Include any legal requirements (such as license number or Equal Housing logo)

Review Registration and Submit Your Logo & Photo

A Client Services Representative will contact you within 48 hours to verify your information and instruct you to e-mail a high-resolution digital photo and logo to service@loyaltyprint.com, if desired. The processing time can take up to two business days.

Set Your Password

Once your account has been activated, you'll receive an e-mail from LoyaltyPrint with your username and a link that allows you to set your password.
  • Click the link. Enter your e-mail address, first name, and last name.
  • You will receive an e-mail with a password-set-link. For security purposes, the link will only be active for 24 hours. Click the link, set your password, and sign in.
Welcome to LoyaltyPrint!
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To order products from LoyaltyPrint

Select Your Product
  • Select the audience or mailing theme.
  • Select the campaign topic.
  • Determine the style & fulfillment options that will be most effective for your campaign:
    • Direct mail - upload a list or select from a saved list to mail directly to your audience;
    • Bulk orders - orders are sent in a package directly to you.
Customize Your Product
  • Choose an image & message.
  • Review your contact information.
    Note: To make changes or updates to registration information, please call us: 1.877.LPRINT.9 (1.877.577.4689) or e-mail service@loyaltyprint.com.
  • Include any legal requirements, such as a license number or Equal Housing logo.
  • Choose a quantity for bulk orders or upload or select a mailing list for direct mail.
Approve Your Order & Check Out!